VIPP Volunteers Keep Cat House Purring During February Snowstorm


Once the Great Snows of February began to melt away, VIPP’s volunteer coordinator, Victoria Rolfs, circulated an e-mail to the organization to make known the heroic measures undertaken to care for the cats at the shelter, reminding us all how dedicated VIPP’s volunteers are.  VIPP would like to publicly recognize these amazing volunteers and thank them for going above and beyond to ensure that the cats in VIPP’s care were fed and well cared for, despite the difficulty negotiating nearly every road in the deep snow.

Randy York walked an hour and a half one way to work her shift.

Ginny Young braved the roads and almost reached the shelter before getting stuck
Leah Lomax drafted her dad Steve and his 4WD truck to get her to the shelter and then put him to work helping her with her shift duties.  Teresa Siebold’s husband provided taxi service for her shift.

Bob Smueles, our fabulous facilities volunteer, made multiple trips to the shelter to ensure the generator was operating and to keep the deck shoveled.

Anne Woodward and Jennifer Zeisig shoveled the entrance to 243rd from Old Mill and cleared a wider path in the shelter area so people could get in more easily once the snows abated.

All of the “shifties” did their best to get to the shelter, but in many cases it just wasn’t possible as many driveways and side roads were simply impassible.  Coming to the rescue were VIPP’s Snow Angels:  Beth Macbride, Diane Crawford, Jennifer Zeisig, Virginia Wolfe, and Sheila Eckman.  These (mobile) Snow Angels covered multiple shifts for those who could not make it to the shelter, ensuring that the cats were well cared for.

VIPP is lucky to have a large and dedicated volunteer corps no matter what the weather, but we truly appreciate the extra effort made by those mentioned above.   Thank you!