Virus Rent Fund


Vashon, You have been so very generous. I can not thank you enough for the outpouring of support you have shown for all our neighbors. Helping keep people and families housed is the best act of kindness I can think of. And I thank each of you from the bottom and top of my heart.

That said, the Interfaith Council to Prevent Homelessness (IFCH) needs your help again. The Coronavirus is still affecting people’s employment status. In the last six months IFCH has raised $150,000 thanks to the each of you, the Vashon resident.  We have given out $138,000 in rental assistance to help those who lost their jobs because of Covid-19. We have averaged helping 30 families, 100 people, each of the last six months.

Up until now most residents receiving financial assistance are not getting any unemployment for various reasons.  Now that Congress has discontinued the additional $600 unemployment benefit, the need for rental assistance has increased. This is what keeps me up at night. Imagine how it may feel to the families and individuals who are seeing their income decrease by $2,400 a month. Talk about scary.

With the schools being remote, more pressure is being put on parents. They are not going to be able go to work with young children at home.  We saw new families request rental assistance for their September rent. I believe October rental requests will increase as well.

This money stays on Vashon. Money comes from You and gets paid to the homeowner, who lives here as well. Some of the homeowners have mortgages on the rental, others are seniors who are living on this rental income. This is a typical Win Win Win for Vashon. Tenants have some peace of mind, homeowners have money to live on, and Vashon merchants have more money flowing through their stores. No one gets more than $1,000 toward their rent and many receive less. Tenants still are responsible for the remainder of their rent obligation.

IFCH has no paid staff, we are all volunteers, so 100% of donations received goes to direct services.

The Vashon community is a generous community. You have always shown up to support food, education and housing. IFCH is grateful for your support and we are asking you to keep giving during this critical time for our neighbors and friends. Be it your first time donating or your umpteenth time, Thank you!

Only monies that clearly state “VIRUS RENT” that come into IFCH can be used for this program.

Please donate to help keep our neighbors housed.
You can make a donation online:
or You can mail a check payable to IFCH.
P.O. Box 330, Vashon , WA 98070
Please write VIRUS RENT on the memo line of your check or On PayPal put the word VIRUS RENT in the “APT” section of the address line

Thank you, Hilary Emmer