What is a Life Activation?


“Activate” your life. I love the sound of it. Get it rolling! If you feel dull or fuzzy or stuck, this could be for you!

You might think, “Oh no, I’m already too busy.” Life Activation is not about getting more busy. It’s about being more on purpose and in the flow. More balanced, grounded, on target. Instead of adding stress to your already over-active life, it helps you re-pace those skidding treads and put them in contact with the ground. It can help you get clear on your priorities and to attract more abundance, fulfillment and joy. On your own terms.

You might ask, “How does a Life Activation do all THAT?”

Life Activation is based on a tenet of the Quakers (and others) that at our center is a spark of Divine Light. You are reminded that the spark is actually there when it is given the more “juice” from a Life Activation.

Life Activation lights up your DNA and that leads to a stronger immune system, greater brain function and engagement with your divine purpose. For many, doors open to new opportunities and months later, you might have forgotten you even had that Life Activation, but in looking back, oh wow, there were all sorts of shifts and changes! Perhaps, you have experienced a more quiet evolution, while others change jobs, romantic partners, homes…
One of my clients didn’t think anything had changed at all, but a year later, business was booming and he looked 10 years younger!

Another client was having a bad day. Later he wrote, “Thank you for the time and care you put into making me feel more like myself.” He went on, “Since receiving this activation, I have used its momentum to make positive changes in my life, and have noticed amazing results months later!”

You might wonder what it is like getting activated. First, there is a gentle clearing and balancing of your aura. Then, as you are seated in a chair, light is channeled into specific locations on the back of your head, neck and upper back. Some feel it, others don’t. That doesn’t matter. And, the Life Activation Practitioner need know nothing about your life story or challenges unless you wish to share them. This is not therapy. It is Light energy work.
Life Activation encourages you to become personally empowered to address your own challenges and maximize your opportunities.

We are told that Life Activation is over 8000 years old! 3000 years ago, the universal path to enlightenment which King Salomon was working to develop would come to include Life Activation as a central protocol. Today, two other activation experiences complete the process: Full Spirit Activation, which grounds and connects the energy to appropriate chakras, and Galactic Activation which connects you with your galactic origins. Life Activation and Full Spirit Activation are available on the island.

On August 3-4, international teacher Martina Coogan will be coming to Seattle from London to administer the first two stages of Galactic Activation. Your only prerequisite is Life Activation. You can find this event on Facebook.

After you are activated, you might want more. You have started on an ancient spiritual path which until very recently was only available by invitation to such giants as Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Winston Churchill and Nicola Tesla.

In 1997, Modern Mystery School opened its doors to the world, sourced from the lineage of King Salomon, to aid in the evolutionary shift of human consciousness.

The purpose of this path is to release humanity from the bondage and suffering so many are subjected to and to encourage you to find and develop your true and joyful self. Issues for which you saw no solutions start to melt and resolve. Perhaps you are ready to live for a greater purpose and on a greater stage. If relationships are your challenge, they too will start to change for the better, to become more loving and more true.

Life Activation is offered by Marnie Jones-Koenig, a Guide, Teacher and Life Activation Practitioner, certified by Modern Mystery School. Call (206)579-8994 for a consultation to feel out if Life Activation is right for you. www.Star of the Sea.Center AND on FaceBook