What is a Mystery School?


Part 2
In the last issue, I covered the very basics of what a mystery school is, that it provides the spiritual seeker with tools and experiences which allow a revelation of their truest self. The path is lit through an ancient map which has only been available to a few evolutionary people for thousands of years. Till now.

In this time of upheaval we are on the brink of either self-destruction or an evolutionary ”new day”. Some call it Shambala. There are signs of both in the streets and on every news broadcast. And in a lot of us! Look past the drama. There is something just beneath the surface. Are you ready to embrace it?

I have been looking for a comprehensive spiritual program my whole life. I tried various therapies, gurus, life coaches. Religions, A Course in Miracles. Everyone had a little piece of a larger puzzle. But there was always something missing.

Modern Mystery School provides the whole puzzle, with enough inclusivity and flexibility for the peculiar needs of all. Each initiate has a guide, and also the support of a whole international community! We all experience our paths differently, but with discrete steps, we share a journey in common. We watch each other evolve with the freedom to goof up and still shine as we address our challenges and victories.

The map is universal, because each unique human being is created with structures in common both physical and energetic. You are in control, on your own schedule, in your own frame of reference. Integrity is expected, but perfection is a process, never an absolute.
Life Activation (Vashon) is an important first step and for me was different than anything I had ever experienced. Afterwards, I wasn’t sure it had any effect at all. The changes were subtle and gradual, but something was just “better”. I felt more in the flow. I had just kicked out my husband and four and a half months later, he returned and we are still married. By then, I was an initiate and on my way to deeper studies. The Path was like home to me!
Here is some of what LA does: 1. Activates our DNA, both physical and spiritual. 2. Increases brain function. 3. Cleanses karmic patterns. 4. Charges up the immune system. 5. Opens doors to opportunities and helps us to let go of what no longer serve us. 6. Heightens our spiritual gifts.

LA works wonders on depression, the challenges of autism and other mental issues. LA works on us energetically without engaging our intellect or our “story”.

I experience the giving and getting of LA as a sacred and loving process between two divine beings. I feel the support of over 8,000 years of activators when I administer this blessed process. LA can be followed with a Full Spirit Activation (Vashon) and then a Galactic Activation, which will be brought to Seattle in August. I highly recommend all three!
Although Life Activation(LA) can be a stand-alone session, for some of us, that infusion of Light shows us a deeper part of ourselves and stokes our appetite for more.

The true gateway to Mystery School happens next: EMPOWER THYSELF, a two-day class and initiation (Vashon). You will learn a deeper understanding of the human structure, how we became human and our true mission, the basics of Kabbalah and daily practices which will help you to clear old patterns, regain control of your life and bring in your true identity as a unique spiritual being. Your initiation into the King Salomon lineage makes it all real. Empower Thyself is well-named, because this is truly the entry point into becoming enlightened.
At this point, new doors to this ancient school are open to you. Next, you might embark on the 10-month Universal Kabbalah ascension program (Seattle). This ancient archetypal teaching is sometimes called the “yoga of the west”. In my first “climb” up the Tree of Life, there were times when I felt like chunks of my ego were falling off me onto the sidewalk. A real sorting, cleansing and rebirthing process!

From there, there are many higher classes, a few in Seattle and many more in Toronto, Canada. Topics include alchemy, sacred geometry, ritual mastery and healing modalities of great variety and use. There are many initiations, many opportunities to re-discover yourself in progressively deeper ways. As a student and now teacher, I have great respect for this lineage and honor the “handing down” and protection of these ancient, mystical teachings.
In my six years in Mystery School, I have become initiated and certified as a guide, teacher and healer. If you feel called to the path, I am here to serve you,.

Marnie Jones-Koenig