What is a Mystery School?


(Part 1 of 2)
Basically, we know that a school is for learning and a mystery is something yet to be revealed.

How is a Mystery School different?

In a nutshell, a true mystery school shines the light on where the deeper mysteries reside, and they are in YOU.

Mystery School teachers don’t teach ABOUT the mysteries. They teach in ways to wake you up to your unique self, to get a handle on how we humans have allowed ourselves to become blind-sighted to our true nature as eternal spiritual beings. Lessons help us to let go of what blinds us and to re-awaken us to our spiritual nature.

This is a different sort of “school” altogether! AND, there is a true Mystery School which stems from an ancient school over 3000 years old, a great and unbroken lineage with a long track record.

We have all been taught about how we fell from grace and were banned from the “garden”. What is often left out is that we were given a map to find our way home. That map has been held in secret by the ancient mystery schools, held in trust and brought forward for this time in history.

Because of the urgency of these times and our readiness as a population, the doors to this previously invitation-only school have opened to all who are called to “Know Thyself”.
Most humans believe in what they take in from “out there” including about themselves, and seldom question its veracity, even if we fight it. Few of us remember that our world view formed through our experiences as a small child.

Like it or not, we fit ourselves into prescribed roles and conform to the limits society and our families impose on us. It can leave us feeling unfulfilled and shallow. Many people feel bored or demeaned by their jobs, and old fears make us feel small.

You may have recognized you have limitations and fears and wonder how to break free of them.

A true Mystery School has tried and true practices to help you do just that. The first steps on this path infuse you with Spiritual Light, a spotlight on your own divinity. You get to make choices, like “Now that I see it, do I choose to keep this old way or am I ready to let it go and get more of myself back?”

Few have ever been able to go through this deep revelatory process without help! Mystery schools have been behind our most evolutionary greats: Leonardo da Vinci, Carl Jung, Nicola Tesla, Eric Satie… so many others.

In this time of turmoil when the very concept of “truth” is being shook at its roots, a true Mystery School helps us set a wider perspective by supporting the basic truth that “We are eternal Spiritual beings having a human experience.” If you have the sense that something is missing, you’re right!

A true Mystery School will not fix these things. Instead, it will provide you with a path and tools to become empowered through your own engagement! You are in the driver’s seat.
Over 3000 years ago, King Solomon took the best of all traditions and perfected the map. Modern Mystery School springs from this unbroken lineage and provides their offerings all over the world. Seattle is a big center of action and now you can start on the path on Vashon.

For over six years, I have tested this path and it has tested me! It works and I must share it. I got to see how my past was disabling me and how the power of living in the present empowers me. Healing on all levels means that at 71, I am more youthful than I was at 41. More light-hearted.

I would love to share this path with you. Let’s meet over tea.
Marnie Jones-Koenig

Marnie is a certified Guide, Teacher and Healer by Modern Mystery School. She presents classes, activations and healing sessions at Star of the Sea Center of Light in Burton. Call or text (206)579-8994 for a consultation.