What to Do on November 3, Election Day — Walk Together at the Vashon Cemetery


Living with anxiety about COVID, addressing issues of institutional and personal racism and witnessing the vitriol of this election season have been a mighty challenge for just about all of us.  The Vashon Conversation for Living about Dying team offers an antidote that is both beautiful and peaceful.  Consider a quiet, slow walk in one of the island’s sacred spaces – the Vashon Cemetery.  Walk on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3 and on Wednesday, Nov. 4.  We will be there from noon to 1:00 pm on both days.  But know you are welcome to walk at any time. It will give us the opportunity as Vashon neighbors and American citizens to be physically with each other — to hold a peaceful, safe space at this historic time. To give space for wordless openness, fresh breath and hope for the future. To be together, in mutual respect and love.

Please come prepared to practice COVID safety recommendations:  Everyone must wear a mask and keep six feet social distance unless you are with family and friends who are part of a pod.

We’ll be there rain or shine.  Please join us!