Win a Shopping Spree


Everybody needs groceries and that’s the aim of the annual summer raffle fundraiser by Voice of Vashon. The grand prize is a shopping spree at Vashon Thriftway.

“Our test run rang up a total of over $2,000 when we rehearsed the spree using the raffle rules of play,” said VoV Executive Director Lisa Breen. “Three minutes of shopping probably doesn’t seem like much but that’s why we tested it out and it’s really surprising how much you can get into your cart in that time.”

Whoever wins the raffle will put together a three-member team to do the shopping. The rules allow the winner to bring along two spotters to race ahead and point the shopper to the best merchandise in the store. The team of three will have three minutes to fill as many carts as they can. The team is encouraged to visit in advance to plan out their sprint through the store.

“Thanks to this generous support from Vashon Thriftway, the raffle funds will go directly to our community broadcasting mission. That includes KVSH 101.9FM, the Emergency Alert System, and our public access television station,” said VoV Board President Rik Reed.
VoV will launch this year’s raffle on July 1 and it will run through the end of the month, including Strawberry Festival. The winner will be drawn at the Jean Bosch Broadcast Studio on First Friday, August. 2nd.

The grand prize is the shopping spree and there are five second prizes of $50 Thriftway gift cards. Tickets are $20 each and if you buy four tickets you get a fifth one free.

Since 2014, when Voice of Vashon got its FCC community radio license for KVSH 101.9FM, programming on the radio and TV stations has increased exponentially. Music and entertainment shows have blossomed. News and information shows have proliferated; VoV public service announcements and Morning Scramble interviews showcase the dozens of Island non-profits and their activities. Professional volunteer journalists host topical talk shows and short Island Xtras throughout the broadcast day. VoV TV records and broadcasts Town Hall meetings, government leader visits and community forums on major issues, making them available on demand at VoV’s Emergency Alert Service on 1650AM, has been a critical community resource since 2009.

“We describe Voice of Vashon as your island connection,” Reed said. “All these channels and all these programs make it so.”

Volunteers, over 50 of them, produce the on-air material. A small band of volunteers work hard to keep the programming on the air. That includes the equipment in two studios, the cables and microwaves that connect the studios to the FM and AM transmitters and antennas, plus the video electronics. They build and maintain all the technology that delivers the programming to you, the audience. Voice of Vashon keeps all this going for about $100,000 a year, a small fraction of the multi-million-dollar budgets mainland stations spend.
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