2018 Vashon Island Strawberry Festival Logo

Each year the Strawberry Festival logo is designed by a different person that has a connection to Vashon and the Strawberry Festival. The 2018 logo was created by lifelong Islander and artist Mica Gaxiola-Flynn. Mica is an artist, graphic designer, and plays bass in a band called Aurora Bridge. She also publishes an art-zine called Making Stuff Instead of Making Stuff.   You can find some of her work on postcards at Thriftway. She likes to play with the juxtaposition of perspective and in influenced by images from myth and folklore in her artwork.

“When asked to design the logo I freaked out! It was a surreal experience for me and I was thrilled beyond belief. I am proud to have contributed to the great tradition.” When thinking about Festival Mica recalled how big strawberries were to the lives of people on Vashon. As a youth she heard family and friends tell taller and taller tales about Vashon Strawberries. She was inspired by how something so small could be such a big thing in people’s lives. “Strawberries took on mythic proportions that I imaged a time when they were so big they needed to be cut with an axe! That was my inspiration for the logo.”

Mica’s family have been on the Island since the 50’s and she has been to every Strawberry Festival since she was born (we are not going to reveal her age but let’s just say it is more than a quarter of a century).  Even when she lived off Island she made a pilgrimage back to the Island to attend with friends and family. Mica revealed that her “first memories of Festival are walking in the Kids Parade and trying to find ways to sneak into the Grand Parade!” Throughout the years Mica has enjoyed different aspects of Festival, specifically she found herself inspired by the artists booths and the unique the craft booths as well as the music.

The logo will be featured on Strawberry Festival pins and buttons as well as various signage and posters. Pins and buttons will be on sale at select retailers starting May.

If you are interested in creating a Strawberry Festival Logo let us know. Submissions for the 2019 Strawberry Festival will be accepted by the Vashon Island Chamber of Commerce via email from August 1, 2018 to November 15th, 2018. All entries must be submitted in JPG and PDF formats.