K2 Sold


The For Sale Sign at the K2 factory at center has come down and was replaced with a For Lease Sign. Brad Middling confirmed that family owned Sound Properties LLC., is the new owner of the K2 building on Vashon Island. The purchase also includes the vacant lot across from Mom’s Deli.

Brad has been pursuing the purchase of the building and land for his families business which owns several properties in the Puget Sound area.

After meeting with the county and understanding what businesses the county would allow at the K2 building, Middling determined that the purchase was a good investment for the family business.

While some things were defiantly off the table for use of the K2 property presently, Brad said he looked forward to working with the county on possibly expanding other uses over time. “There are more things we can do versus what we can’t and we will be focusing on what we can do, there are many commercial and retail options to explore. The goal is to make this property, that has been unused for over a decade, relevant again to the economy and infrastructure of Vashon Island.” Said Brad  when discussing the purchase of the K2 property.

For now work will be done on the building to bring it up to date.

Brad said that in the near future Sound Properties would like to have a public meeting to discuss present and future use of the property.

People interested in leasing parts of K2 or interested in an invitation to the upcoming meeting can contact Mike with MK Property Service at mike@mkps.net with their inquiries.