2020, the Age of Clear Vision


Like it or not, President Trump is our representative face on the world, whether we think he is hot stuff or can’t stand him.

He is providing a mirror for TRUTH by showing the World its opposite. (Latest tally on the Fib-o-meter: 15,000+) He is shaking our very sense of what TRUTH is and from its burning embers, TRUTH will, I expect, emerge naked and unafraid, stronger by the challenge. Gandhi said, “TRUTH and love have always won.”

Democrats find themselves on the easier side of TRUTH with facts to back them up, while Republicans are hanging on to loyalty to their arch-fibber through covering up what is already out in the open and calling the fibs true or “unimpeachable”. In an effort to stay in power, they have sacrificed their own personal integrity and credibility in the world. The TRUTH is still the TRUTH. What is unfathomable is how many people believe the fibs and the fibbers!
TRUTH requires that we are humble enough to admit it when we are wrong or ill-informed. We have all told a fib or two, especially as children, when, if properly corrected, we likely decided that lying was a bad idea. Most of us are not serial fibbers, but who doesn’t lie to themselves on occasion?

Lies allowed to fester cause distrust, separation and injustice. Multiple lies told multiple times are destroying our sense of good and stability in the world.

We are all susceptible to lies which may have made their way into our consciousness early in life. The most damaging ones are buried and hard to get to. But the work is worth it, because painful or not TRUTH does set us free. Kill a lie and the TRUTH emerges.

Our most damaging lie is that we are separate from the Divine and thus from each other and our own deeper nature.

Cultivating a deep and reverent relationship with our Creator is the key to unlocking the experience of ourselves as spiritual beings and that is the one thing that will save us as we scramble to survive our own follies on Mother Earth.

To get past our own resistance to this TRUTH, we need a map home. The ancient lineage of King Salomon provides just such a map. By walking this path, we are empowered to re-discover our TRUE and deeper nature and what we came here to be and do! It is available through Modern Mystery School and I offer the first steps here on Vashon.

Life Activation, spiritual initiation and specific daily practices of prayer, meditation and ritual are tools which can release us to our passion, our joy and the clarity of our unique contribution in the healing of ourselves, our communities and our Mother the Earth. If you are already engaged in purposeful work, the practices can help you up-level your game.

With all the needs of the world crying out to us, it is essential that we discover and accept our unique identities and contributions in the grand scheme of healing our planet and ourselves! Imagine a world where all of us know that sacred connection within and reflect it outward and engage in the purpose we were born to manifest. Our very survival requires this transformation and that is what this ancient pathway can empower us to, individually and then collectively.

The TRUTH.  We each have our own personal TRUTH. In addition, we carry a particular viewpoint on the deeper and wider TRUTH that we share. It takes maturity, heroic integrity and real guts to reveal and stand for that TRUTH. That is what will take down the great fibber, his supporters and his house of flimsy fib cards, the TRUTH and those who stand up for it.
Many years ago, I attended a workshop on muscle testing and TRUTH. We all made statements and the more TRUE they were, the stronger our muscles became. Deep down in each of us we know what is TRUE because TRUTH makes us stronger, healthier and more peaceful.

Whenever we see “2020”, let that remind us to stand for TRUTH and the clarity of vision to know the difference.

If you are interested in the map I mentioned, let’s have tea.

Marnie Jones-Koenig

Guide, Healer and Teacher certified by Modern Mystery School
And owner of Star of the Sea Center of Light, Vashon