Fireworks ban on Vashon


I’m shocked and dismayed and how much effort VIFR is putting into banning fireworks and running a long time local business off the island. What a waste of public taxpayer dollars.

Under the guise of safety there is yet another ineffective initiative by VIFR. Anyone still around and remember when fireworks were illegal? It was a melee of fires and injuries caused by all flavors of illegal products. People brought over illegal fireworks by the truckloads from the reservations in Tacoma and had quite a blast (in the worst way possible).

Before the new commissioner showed up, VIFR had a partnership with the local stand to promote fireworks safety. They would show up with a fire truck, get the kids all excited and provide tips on how to use stuff safely. It was also good to warm kids up to firefighters. Soon as the new lead commissioner showed up he cancelled all of that. Back when the program was running the 4’th of July went off without a hitch.

So I see that VIFRs budget has gone from 0 in personnel expenses (all volunteer) to well over a million this year. Just wait till the pensions become due and handcuff us with lousy over budget service forever. Meanwhile service levels have gone so low that everyone has to pay extra high insurance rates now.

New leadership is needed. VIFR needs to stop doing ineffective and glamours initiatives and actually do stuff that improves safety and the lives of islanders. I think people are going to see right through this one.

Sincerely, Sydney Timoleon, Long Time Islander