VALISE Gallery Presents What the Hell’s Going on Here?!

Abstractions, Oddball Whimsy, Fallen Arches, Escape Velocity and Colorful Kid’s Book Art

Featuring brand spanking new work by Gregory Burnham and Bill Jarcho

Bill Jarcho was raised by puppets and was so animated and loopy as a kid that Saturday morning cartoons watched him. Thus began his journey through the land of art and humor. After moving to Vashon, he started hanging out with the Zambini Brothers, and sharing his short, animated movies around the world, all the while wearing insightful X-ray specs and sometimes giant paper mache puppet heads. And now he’s written and illustrated a funny vibrant kid’s book called, “Maximilian Upside-Down and Other Poems That Bound Around”, some pages of which will be littering the gallery along with other off-the-wall sculptures and his patented psychedelic 3D boxes. Mushrooms not included.

Gregory Burnham grew up playing in the basement with cheese graters and dump trucks; hence his fascination with friction, ironic sparks, and literary fondue. His work has less whimsy than Disney, but more than the Chucky movies. He likes the idea that the first time you do something only happens once. Gregory’s work stretches between 2-inch paintings to 20-foot-tall bamboo sculptures. In this show you’ll encounter Mickey Mantle, busted vinyl, lots of language, Adam and Eve on Mars, souped-up keyboards, a messy Periodic kitchen table and scenarios that crackle and sizzle with wacko humor.

17633 Vashon Hwy., Vashon, WA (In the center of town, right next to Gravy)

August 28, 2022

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