February 2023

Patricia A. Buchanan, Obituary
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Patricia A. Buchanan, Obituary

Born Patricia Ann Luray in Ross, California on June 2, 1950, to Howard and Barbara Luray (maiden name Spurgeon). “Pat” was the 3rd of four children. Pat is survived by her younger brother Chris, her two children Donnie and Akemi, and their children Naomi, Amaya, and Emi Mae. Pat’s childhood took place mainly in the…

February 2023, Literary

Rose Hip and Snowberry – Part 3

In a time when technology has fallen away, Islanders are rediscovering the ways of the forest. In a frenzy of excitement and discovery, two children, Rose Hip and Snowberry, have yanked quantities of moss and licorice fern from a tree. They turn to head home, only to stop short in surprise! In front of them…