Two Poems

By Claudia Hollander-Lucas

It’s technically winter, but love and spring are in the air. These poems are both about thresholds.


I am not dreaming—

yet I am elsewhere

maybe with the late moon

outside this cold window—

clumps of oatmeal cloud

move slowly west against the tide—

a pulse of cotton reflects

the feather’d candy ring

that surrounds her—

a chariot most celestial

I am not dreaming —

this frosted disc

this gentle sleigh

and all the rest

who leisurely glide

into the long

the almost —


of spring.

I Love Spring


late winter

the aching strength

of lime green blades


simple and brave

edible butter buds

Bravest of all

followed by everyone


We pedal into sun’s

tipping point

head first

January 19, 2023

About Author

claudia Claudia Hollander-Lucas is a visual artist, writer, book-maker, and long-time Islander whose artwork can be found near and far in public and private collections. Visit her website and press called We Live In The Woods for details.