Only Available Here: Bonus Issue #1 Content

Greetings, Readers! This post is to let you know that we have content on our website beyond what our printed paper holds. For one thing, all photos and art in The Vashon Loop appear in full color here. Additionally, some of our writers sent extra photos, and these are posted as well. Llaughing Llama Chronicles…

Thank You for Reading Our First Issue

Thank You for Reading Our First Issue

Thank you for reading the first issue of the rebooted Vashon Loop. The learning curve has been huge, but the journey has been amazing. We are so grateful for the enthusiastic support we’ve received from this community. It’s an honor to serve you! We know these pages aren’t perfect, but they are pure Island.


Welcome to The Vashon Loop

Welcome to the reboot of The Vashon Loop! We are honored to have you join us. The Loop has a 20+ year long history. Launched initially as The Ticket by Hamish Todd, Marie Browne and Troy Kindred took ownership in 2004, and The Ticket became The Vashon Loop. Steve Allen joined the team, and in…

Health Matters

Health Disclaimer

Information found in The Vashon Loop is meant for educational purposes only.Any health-related content is the opinion of the author alone and should not be used to diagnose or treat medical conditions or to prescribe medicine. Your health is your personal responsibility, and your body and situation is unique. Please consult with an appropriate medical…


You Know?

You believe something which isn’t true. It’s the human condition, so you should get usedto it. I first ran into this in 2nd grade, when my teacher announced that porcupines flicked their tails to fire quills like missiles. I had just read a science book which refuted this old folk tale, and I corrected my…

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