Vashon Loop Editorial Guidelines

The Vashon Loop’s Editorial Team asks content writers to keep the following guidelines in mind.

Our Prime Directive is to create a community paper that safeguards our shared values of honest inquiry and critical thinking. Positive experiences are the goal, especially when touching upon challenging topics. We seek content that is enjoyable, surprising, reassuring, meaningful, informative, and that inspires practical actions. Let your content encourage the respectful discourse of diverse experiences and viewpoints amongst Islanders.

Our Editorial Team views a winning idea as one which, by its own virtue, rises above the rest. The modern media space is defined by a glut of negative coverage. We are intentionally setting policy that exposes concerns, while promoting solution-oriented discussion and the elevation of good, great, and even better ideas.

We publish both invited and unsolicited content. If you have an idea for a story or column you would like to write for The Loop, please contact us directly to share your ideas.

By submitting your work to The Vashon Loop, you are granting us a right to publish your work in the paper, in our downloadable PDF of that issue, and as an item on our web sites. We reserve the right to edit or decline the submission. If we apply edits, we will make a good faith effort to let you see the changes before publishing.

All authors published in The Loop maintain copyright to their work, but writers should not submit articles to The Loop that have been published elsewhere.

Content published in The Loop will be ethical, legal, and non-violent. The Vashon Loop will not publish content that was developed using artificial intelligence.

​​​​Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Loop!