News You May Have Missed

Many of the Loop’s editors are news junkies–and we can’t cover it all for ourselves! We collect here interesting articles which received light coverage in mainstream USA media.

September 2023

Exploding watermelons blamed on climate change

Health impacts of microplastics

Pirates are back!  In Oakland, California

Federal deficit balloons again

San Francisco so bad, federal workers told to stay away

Proposed: King County minimum wage of $19/hour

August 2023

Notre Dame's golden dome is coming back

Solid tumor cancer treatment breakthrough AOH1966 patent granted, Phase 1 trial starts

Has The Room-Temperature Ambient-Pressure Superconductor Been Replicated?
(With history as a guide, assume this is a material with exotic properties while not actually being a superconductor at room temperatures.)

Facial recognition and false arrests

AI Banned from Future Dungeons and Dragons books

Leprosy in Florda?  Yes, but...

A deep dive into antioxidants, and why cows and pigs are immune to SARS-CoV-2

July 2023

CDC in 2020, based on evidence of CO2 buildup, recommended workers
wear N95 respirators for no longer than 1 hour

Total aid to Ukraine so far

The largest Lego fan convention in the Pacific NW comes to Bellevue

They are watching and listening--via "your" Device

Worked with US Special Forces in Afghanistan, even survived
taking the last flight out.  Loses his life to DC criminals.

BRICS trade bloc looking at gold-backed currency

Bees are still not doing well at all

Nevada license plate telling Californians to "go back" is pulled

Maine woman punches bear to protect her dog

June 2023

Are annual physicals a good idea?

WA's first Director of Equity fired

Contamination in mRNA production

A popular sweetener is harmful?

It's getting harder and harder to buy home insurance in California
(Note that getting a home loan requires getting insurance. This could become a problem.)

May 2023

Military recruiting woes

Bed Bath & Beyond declares bankruptcy

UK trying losing companies from its stock market exchange

New York City mayor breaks ranks on border crisis

Inslee leaving, Ferguson steps up

Rivian R1T fender bender--$42k in repair costs

April 2023

USA cancels hypersonic missile program

A trend to watch: "de-dollarization"

Germany slows EV transition

WHO accuses China of hiding data relevant to Covid origins

RESTRICT act is a lot more than a TikTok ban

Actor with major roles in John Wick, Bosch TV series, The Wire, Lost, Oz dies suddenly

March 2023

The kids are not alright:

Petition calling on DoJ to cease prosecution of Julian Assange

Taylor Swift has a surprising fan

California loses both people and tax base

Religion popping up in surprising places

Viet Nam as a lens for Ukraine

Hidden passage in Great Pyramid of Giza

February 2023

Ichtyiosaur maternity ward?

Critical to solar power and EVs are the many mined materials from Africa. The impact of such mining was the focus of recent meeting

UnitedHealthcare and the question of how cost affects their decisions

CNET starts using AI to write their articles, faces a backlash, and "pauses" it

Big Tech layoffs, and the NSA swoops in

The UK military is precariously depleted

January 2023

Congress passes bill forcing railroad compromise

Government banning TikTok back in the news

Russia launches a variety of new warships

...and orders more advanced anti-ship missiles

Unintended consequences of bad faith behind Minsk accords

President of European Commission cites Ukraine KIA number, this part of her
speech is subsequently trimmed from all media.

Twitter, now owned by Musk, provides new transparency into
past decisions via "The Twitter Files"

Did the CIA kill John F. Kennedy?  A generation-spanning question
receives new life

DEA announces record Fentanyl seizures in 2022

Mysterious cell tower-like devices popping up around Salt Lake City
Many guesses are that these are nodes in the decentralized Helium network.

Progress with the Notre Dame reconstruction

December 2022

Who’s buying all this gold?

The tripledemic may not be as dangerous as feared

Stanford president under investigation for academic fraud

GE buys out NY Times’ entire advertising for a day–print, digital, even a custom wrapper for the paper

TSMC hedging against possible China action?

November 2022

Stripe cutting 14% of its workforce in preparation for “leaner times”.

Egypt is a choke point for Internet cables.

Turkey experiencing hyperinflation.

USA fading influence over Saudi Arabia.

October 2022

Notre Dame’s restoration is drawing on ancient and lost skills.

China is having their own mini-2008, and their citizens protest when they aren’t allowed to withdraw money from their own bank accounts. The government sends out police and… tanks?

Rural hospitals are doing so badly, some are almost being given away.

The UK approval document for Pfizer mRNA does not recommend it for the pregnant and nursing. (Scan down to the Toxicology section.)

Researchers are using “AI” to scan and integrate data sets of voter rolls, address changes, and property tax records to detect out of date voter registrations. This is an early article; the technology has evolved considerably.

Key Alzheimers origin of disease theory that has been the center of clinical research and funding for nearly 2 decades is probably a fraud.