News You May Have Missed

Many of the Loop’s editors are news junkies–and we can’t cover it all for ourselves! We collect here interesting articles which received light coverage in mainstream USA media.

January 2023

Congress passes bill forcing railroad compromise

Government banning TikTok back in the news

Russia launches a variety of new warships

...and orders more advanced anti-ship missiles

Unintended consequences of bad faith behind Minsk accords

President of European Commission cites Ukraine KIA number, this part of her
speech is subsequently trimmed from all media.

Twitter, now owned by Musk, provides new transparency into
past decisions via "The Twitter Files"

Did the CIA kill John F. Kennedy?  A generation-spanning question
receives new life

DEA announces record Fentanyl seizures in 2022

Mysterious cell tower-like devices popping up around Salt Lake City
Many guesses are that these are nodes in the decentralized Helium network.

Progress with the Notre Dame reconstruction

December 2022

Who’s buying all this gold?

The tripledemic may not be as dangerous as feared

Stanford president under investigation for academic fraud

GE buys out NY Times’ entire advertising for a day–print, digital, even a custom wrapper for the paper

TSMC hedging against possible China action?

November 2022

Stripe cutting 14% of its workforce in preparation for “leaner times”.

Egypt is a choke point for Internet cables.

Turkey experiencing hyperinflation.

USA fading influence over Saudi Arabia.

October 2022

Notre Dame’s restoration is drawing on ancient and lost skills.

China is having their own mini-2008, and their citizens protest when they aren’t allowed to withdraw money from their own bank accounts. The government sends out police and… tanks?

Rural hospitals are doing so badly, some are almost being given away.

The UK approval document for Pfizer mRNA does not recommend it for the pregnant and nursing. (Scan down to the Toxicology section.)

Researchers are using “AI” to scan and integrate data sets of voter rolls, address changes, and property tax records to detect out of date voter registrations. This is an early article; the technology has evolved considerably.

Key Alzheimers origin of disease theory that has been the center of clinical research and funding for nearly 2 decades is probably a fraud.