Llaughing Llamas Chronicles
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Llaughing Llamas Chronicles

By Daniel Hooker

Before crowbars were invented, crows used to drink at fresh streams and rivers!


Q. What do you call two crows fighting on a fence?

A. Attempted murder!


Our family name is Hooker, but it used to be Baker. For obvious reasons, we were into baking. But eventually we had to change our last name because we were in-bread.

One of us suggested we take our name from a Civil War general, because he was the most decorated general of the Civil War. It was another “doh” moment.


Humor helps us deal with the uncomfortableness of reality. It takes something that is uncomfortable and transmutes it. It helps us address the elephant in the room, or things that are political in our world. When we’re not laughing about it, we’re not digesting it. When we laugh about it, we start dissecting the truth internally, and creative thought can arise.

As a Cherokee native, I offer the following one-liner from Vaughn Eaglebear, a native stand-up comic:

An Indian can walk out of a bar sober – a salad bar!


I don’t know why we make such a big deal about cow’s milk being homogenized. After all, it’s pasture-ized before it even gets to us.

March 7, 2024

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