Llaughing Llamas – June
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Llaughing Llamas – June

By Daniel Hooker

Q: What do you call a paper airplane that can’t fly?

A: Stationery!


I bought a new thesaurus, and all the pages were blank. I was left without a word.

I thought that joke was funny, so I told it to two young people in their twenties.

They asked me what kind of dinosaur that was.

I said, “Google it!”


I just found out today why you should walk at least a mile in another man’s shoes before criticizing him.

  1. You’ll be at least a mile away from him.
  2. You’ll have his shoes on.
  3. If you’re wise, you’ll get his car keys too. It’s safer that way.


From my landlady:

Q: Why did the fork break up with the spoon?

A: Because she was stirring up too much trouble.

I responded: Just in tine!


Editor’s note: In the May Issue we mixed up two of the jokes. We are reprinting the two jokes – corrected – here. We regret the error.

Q: Why do cows have bells?

A: Because their horns don’t work!


Q: Why do cows have hooves?

A: Because they lactose!

June 3, 2024

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