“It Takes a Village” – In Action
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“It Takes a Village” – In Action

“It was the truly international murder case that captivated the world.” This is how People Magazine described the media circus surrounding the 2007 murder of British student Meredith Kercher in the home she shared with Amanda Knox in Perugia, Italy. Across the globe, millions watched, wondered, gossiped, and guessed at what truly happened on that tragic night. But for many Vashon Islanders, the ordeal was far more personal.

In October 2011, Bill Knox, a longtime Vashon resident and grandfather to Amanda Knox, shared with “The Vashon Beachcomber” his reaction to an Italian jury finding Amanda innocent. Saying he was ecstatic, and claiming, “I’m not a real sentimental type,” he nonetheless admitted, “… I found tears running down my cheek.” During the brief phone interview, the doorbell rang, as yet another bouquet of flowers arrived, filling their home with the ambiance of success, relief and joy.

During this extended ordeal, many Islanders (and non-Islanders) chose to step forward, lend a hand, organize fundraisers, and otherwise hold this family up, when they might have otherwise fallen. One of them was Karen Pruett, and this month she released the paperback version of her book, “Trial By Liar” on Amazon (available on Kindle since 2021).

According to the author, this book “Highlights mass media’s appalling lack of fact-checking while showcasing beneficial crowdsourcing, of which Islanders were a part. From the aisles of Vashon’s grocery stores, to several Italian courtrooms, this research was driven by questions asked by the Knox family and friends on Vashon Island, as well as Meredith Kercher’s family in London.”

The following is an excerpt, printed with Karen’s permission. It reminds us that, in the darkest of moments, we can still find the light, if we seek it with uncompromising focus, will and faith.

“5:00 PST – I happened to be on a ferry at the Vashon Island dock and my car was front and center on the boat, a rare occurrence. I saw a huge plane flying over the city and suddenly realized it was the British Airways jet with Amanda and her family on board. It glided over West Seattle and dropped below the tree tops out of sight as it landed at SeaTac airport. Amanda was home at last!”

December 7, 2022

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