Island Resilience

When Cell, Internet, and Landlines Go Silent
Island Resilience, March 2024

When Cell, Internet, and Landlines Go Silent

By Andy Valencia We keep bottled water in case our faucet’s suddenly dry. We have emergency rations in case the store’s supply chain is interrupted. And then there’s how we keep in touch, find out things, and buy things. Everything – phones, texting, email, apps – has converged on internet technology. When that “cyber event”…

Island Resilience, January 2024

New Year’s Resolutions for Our Community

By March Twisdale As we step into 2024, I think we can agree on one thing. Our interconnected lives are directly impacted by individual choices, including our habits and decisions as consumers. Everyone can agree that options are good for customers, and what’s good for customers is good for business. This includes payment options. Indeed,…

December 2023, Island Resilience

Holiday Shopping, Vashon-Style!

By March Twisdale Some tend to wax negative about shopping during the holiday season, expressing concerns over thoughtless consumption of resources or over-commercialization. In truth, there’s nothing wrong with shopping. We do it all year round, and for good reason. It’s human productivity expressed and shared. And during the winter, traditions focused on love, kindness,…

Island Resilience, November 2023

Corporate Gift Cards? Give Cash!

By Jane Valencia The holiday season approaches, and with it, choosing gifts. If you’re like me, you often send gift cards to your teen and young adult loved ones, so they can purchase just what they want. But if you’ve been reading the “Cash On Vashon” articles these past months (see, and striving to…

What’s a Boiled Frog to Do?
Island Resilience, October 2023

What’s a Boiled Frog to Do?

By March Twisdale When we’re dealing with human nature, concepts tend to last. Consider the phrase, “Out of the frying pan into the fire.” This has roots as far back as ancient Greece between 620 and 564 BCE, and its wisdom is summed up by two other well-oiled phrases: Sometimes, we get “caught between a…

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