Llaughing Llamas Chronicles
Llaughing Llamas

Llaughing Llamas Chronicles

By Daniel Hooker

I’d love to give credit to Alex at the Auto Parts store for this one! Why are Irish bankers so successful? Because their capital is always Dublin!

And thanks to Martin Feveyear for one more Irish joke! Why do you only put 239 beans into an Irish bean stew? Because, if you put one more in, it’s two-fart-ee.

Now, this one I think you’ll really appreciate … a la our amazing Ace Hardware folks! “Dogs cannot read an MRI, but catscan!”

Oh, and have I told you the one about the termite? A termite walks into a bar, sits on the bar, and a server walks up, “How can I help you?” The termite replies, “Is the bar tender here?” LOLOLOL! I had so many people stumped with that one …

May 8, 2023

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