Minglement and The Roasterie, Thoughts From Eva

Minglement and The Roasterie, Thoughts From Eva


“Herbs, spices, teas and simple first foods were rooted in ancient systems of nourishment, healing, and ritual. Food is our medicine, and plants are some of our first teachers and beloved memories.  Each plant is unique to its bioregion and peoples and their use, unique to each.” – Eva

The Roasterie.

“Traditional farming systems are reservoirs of biodiversity, supporting a huge variety of plants, animals, birds, and insects – many of them unknown to the wider world, but vital to the local ecosystem. They are also rich repositories of cultural knowledge, comprising stories, oral history, land stewardship, culinary traditions, and specific growing techniques. Everywhere, such traditional systems are being replaced by the single-crop farms our modern agriculture has grown used to. With the resulting loss of crop diversity and habitat comes a profound cultural loss, as well. Traditional farming peoples understand that their cultural health is bound to the health of the land, and that by maintaining one, they are feeding the other.” – Eva

May 8, 2023

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