What Brought You to the Island?
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What Brought You to the Island?

By Laurie Lambert

Vashon was a complete mystery to me. Born and raised in the Seattle area, I had never heard of Vashon until I was sent over to the Island on assignment while working as a cable technician. I remember thinking, “Go where?”

It was 2006, the day after a huge windstorm. The power was out all over the Island. Trees were down, power lines strewn about, it was a disaster. And without power, there is no cable, so I was sent over basically as a goodwill ambassador to survey damage and make contact with customers. I saw people helping one another, cutting and hauling trees so people could get out of their driveways, and calmly standing in line for coffee at Thriftway. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. Community at its finest. 

I spent the following week coming to Vashon, slowly restoring cable – mostly getting to know people and the Island. When people are out of power and stuck at home for days, perhaps they are especially happy just to see the cable provider. Everyone was so welcoming. It was amazing how much people just wanted to talk and make contact. So, as one of the people roaming from home to home amidst the debris, I really got to know people and their stories. What I came away with was that people loved their Island and looked out for their neighbors.

I happened to be at a point in my life when I was looking for a place to put down roots. I immediately knew that Vashon was where I needed to be. By the end of that first week, I had made an appointment to look at a place to rent. It was swooped up before I got there, but I then heard about a place in Burton. Two weeks after first stepping foot on the Island, I’d moved into my new place.  

I settled into Island life rather quickly. I’m grateful for the work that first brought me here, but with my background in the food industry, I soon ended up at Thriftway as the seafood manager. Again, I appreciated getting the opportunity to know the people I served. 

I eventually met the love of my life and bought a house on Maury. I also co-founded a small business based here on the Island, created out of a love of food and the need for nutrition. During the last couple of years, I’ve also realized a decades-long dream of becoming a massage therapist, and couldn’t be happier now to be seeing clients several days a week. Getting to help people on a personal level is my true passion. 

I can hardly imagine how things might have been different were it not for the windstorm of 2006.

You can learn more about Laurie Lambert at https://laurielambert.com.

May 8, 2023

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lambert Laurie Lambert is a licensed massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. She also cofounded the company that has been producing Laurie’s Love Bars for the last ten years. You can find her at LaurieLambert.com.