The Famous “Pizza Pie!”
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The Famous “Pizza Pie!”

By the Footloose Foodie

Hello one and all. Looks as if the summer season is upon us, and this Island is filling with many new faces and old ones venturing out again.

There are many businesses here on our Island that present various fares in dining. I have become particularly interested in the famous “pizza pie!” I think many of you are in agreement with the fact that we have wonderful options for pizza on Vashon.

The magic with pizza, in my opinion, is the ingredients. There are many discussions on what is proper or acceptable on a pizza pie. I will not even enter the field of discussion concerning them all. I will say that, with all recipes regarding flavor combinations, there is a special thing called “complementary independents.” Ingredients can complement or contradict one another in the cooking or prepping process. This results in flavor blends that delight the palate, or the opposite. The idea of complementary flavors is one in which different spices, vegetables, cheeses, and sauces blend together as one flavor. This creates a “WOW!” sensation with the brain-taste bud connection, as the different flavors are broken down in the mouth.

The pizza pie gives such an opportunity for an oral sensation. Complementary herbs and spices in the sauce all bring together a total flavor. The sum of the ingredients.

I have meandered about the Island, taking part in the ambiance and fare of our pizza places. “The Rock” is a great family-owned and -operated restaurant, with friendly and great service. The menu choices are wonderful. I did experience a bit of a lack in consistency in the sauce flavor, but that could have been due to many things that come about with running a restaurant. I in no way cast aspersion, but reflect on the idea of doing what others love, and loving what they do! The Rock is a wonderful place to gather inside or on the patio. The diverse menu options will certainly find a way to please all. Thank you!

Vashon Pizza … never fails, or at least not for myself! Friendly and welcoming always and in many ways. A true Vashon business, for sure. The owner-operator is consistent and loves her business and our community. Her pizza is, well, her pizza! I know what I get when I order and am never disappointed. Vashon Pizza is a great balance of complementary ways. The service, the pizza, the menu bring together a good thing! Thank you, Vashon Pizza!

O Sole Mio! A marvelous concept for Vashon. Friends of mine love the pizza. My personal preference was left wanting. My palate had difficulty finding the complement between the sauce and other ingredients to bring the sum of the total together as one. Please take no offense, as I am but one in many. Many I know love the pie from O Sole Mio, enjoying the full-flavor experience. I love the ambiance and good-vibe dining within. Great people serving and cooking. I know I will return for another menu selection. Thank you O Sole Mio! You have added life to our town center!

Cafe Lunetta … the “Red Herring” is the name on the building, but this place is far from being one! A long-time Island man has succeeded in turning a small garage into a great cafe with incredible pizza pie. It sure was no simple fête. A wood-fired oven brings all the incredible ingredients together with a gastronomical delight! Be warned, this is not a “bring your kid’s birthday party” kind of pizza place. Higher-end ingredient flavors are a delight for the discerning palate. This is a one-size-fits-all pizza, topped with imported ingredients – flour, olive oil, cheese, and meats. I have heard tell that its a pricey pizza, but value for the dollar was not disappointing. Definitely an adult “pizza party” place. Thank you, Cafe Lunetta!

I trust you found some enjoyment in my footloose meanderings. I do enjoy our community businesses with all the hard work each puts into our community Happy good food! Thank you everyone!

Next month, I will be “Footloose” seeking a good burger. I do love a good burger! 

July 10, 2023

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