Our Laundromat is Back
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Our Laundromat is Back

By Andy Valencia

For those without the room or the budget for their own washer and dryer, it’s been tough since our laundromat in town closed. But they’ve now reopened at the same location – with a large number of very nice-looking washers and dryers. Both cash and cards are supported, with washers running $4 to $10 based on size, and washers costing $0.25 for each five minutes. A couple customers told me they’d spend maybe $2 to dry a small load of wash.

There’s a child play area, a change machine, and a couple of vending machines – one with food, another with washing supplies. Right next to the play area is a sofa and wall-mounted flatscreen with the usual TV channels. It’s a clean, comfortable space that is as easy to use for your weekly wash as for catching up to a dirty laundry tsunami after a big visit of guests.

Welcome back, Vashon Laundry! They’re open daily 6AM – 9PM.

A row of stainless steel washers
All new equipment!
January 8, 2024

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