Book Review – “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” Series
Book Review, Children, March 2024

Book Review – “Percy Jackson and the Olympians” Series

By Emily Kiefer

“Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” by Rick Riordan is considered by many to be a modern classic. It is the premiere novel in a five-book series that weaves together a spectacular adventure involving modern-day Greek mythology and a coming-of-age hero’s journey. With a new television adaption of the series taking Disney+ by storm, I’ve had a blast reliving some of the most enthralling and memorable moments from my favorite book series as a kid.

Riordan’s storytelling is something of a wonder; he introduces us to a sarcastic hero named Percy Jackson who is navigating the dangers of being a powerful demigod in a world full of mythical creatures intent on his demise. Percy’s witty narration brings humor, as well as an engaging narrative full of suspense and emotion. He embarks on a quest along with two comrades, where they experience countless highs and lows, and become close friends.

Throughout the series, Percy forms deep connections with fellow demigods and creatures alike, all along his unshakeable quest to defeat the Titan Kronos, who is looking to take back his throne from the Olympian gods. Each book raises the stakes for our hero, concluding with a climactic fifth novel packed with a major final battle.

Although the books are full of action and adventure, the series never loses its heart and wit that wraps the reader in a soft blanket. The genuine and humorous moments between Percy and his close friends breathe life into the already rich story. It’s all especially heartfelt when one learns how the world came to be: Riordan dreamt up the tale of Percy Jackson as a way for his son to feel less alone as a child living with attention deficit disorder and dyslexia, two disorders that nearly all demigods in the series have.

The recent TV adaption has brought much of the original fanbase back into Percy’s world. As a young adult myself, I still find so much meaning and comfort in these characters and their story, and greatly enjoyed seeing the actors and film team visualize a universe beloved by so many. “The Lightning Thief” remains a captivating read, as well as a perfect starting point to an iconic series, and is a journey I recommend to anyone seeking an enchanting blend of mythology and modern-day adventure.

March 7, 2024

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