Previous Loop editor was ON the Cathlamet

Previous Loop editor was ON the Cathlamet

The amazing previous editor of the Vashon Loop, Steven Allen, was on the boat during the accident. He supplied some pictures of the boat right after the incident.

Update 12:42 Phone call with Steven, he says the boat was approaching the dock and not slowing down. The PA system only played the “now arriving” announcement, no warning on PA or ship’s whistle. The impact with the dolphin (the piling, not an animal!) made a BOOM sound, deflecting the boat and temporarily pressing the front of the boat downward enough to cause water to splash up onto the deck. The boat, still under power, was heading towards the beach when power was finally applied in reverse, avoiding a grounding. The boat then docked at Fauntleroy, permitting unloading. Two cars were damaged.

Crushed superstructure, one car pinched, other cars not yet unloaded
Higher res view of damaged dolphin
Some more detail on boat’s damage

July 28, 2022

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