Four Poems by linda c moore

To Welcome Them

Make room at your table

Set an extra plate.

Open the circle to

Welcome a new guest

Empty coat hooks by your door.

Sweep your entry with clear intention

To welcome them.

To welcome them

It takes courage

To greet in mid stream

As you prepare

Is there room for another

To happen by

An ancestor.

A thought.

New poem.

A song.

An unknown friend.

Is there room for new

Breath, new seeds

Recipe, a moment

Unplanned.  What are

The words of welcome.

What will this cleared space allow?


To Be of Use


There is a message

Within the words

Within the folds

Looking for a way to be of use?

This is a different time.

A time to shed stories

That don’t fit us anymore

Like that old, soft rag of a shirt

Comfort that is so

Hard to throw away

What would that space allow to come in?


The wind rustles

Strands of hair fly to

uncover your ears


What is the quietest thing you hear?

A clear sound- beckoning 

You into this moment

Lift out of a story- held

From long ago


Step into this moment


Awaken a song sweetly

Waiting for you to listen

As the song weaves us



 … don’t ask permission, ask for forgiveness…

I look at these words, put together this way

and wonder if this is why we are in the current

state of climate emergency.

A simple turn of the words

could possibly lend a different


ask permission,  forgiveness lies within


What is a Boy Without Imagination to Fly?

Red with silver lines.  Tires wide and ready

For speed.  The day clings to a heat- unbearable.

He walks.

The bike glimmers in the afternoon sun- setting low

On the horizon.

His thoughts- heavy with the sorrow he felt

From his Mother’s embrace.

Something catches his imagination- a silver

Glimmer within a pile of abandoned treasures.

He walks to the bicycle- pulls it out.

He straddles the frame and begins to ride

His shirt- unbuttoned- flies behind him

White light like wings.

Angel wings of his grandfather’s presence-

An invitation to play in the face of fear.

He- for a moment- Flies

He- for a moment- is a boy free from

Burdens too big for his growing shoulders.

He- for a moment- knows what it is

To be a boy that imagines flight.


This poem was inspired by a line in The World Has Need of You by Ellen Bass

“…A boy on a bicycle rides by,

His white shirt open, flaring

Behind him like wings…

August 20, 2022

About Author

linda Vashon has shaped me the 12 years I’ve been lucky to live here. I try to convey , through poetry , a kin-centric experience that invites curiosity, respect & reciprocity for the natural world.