Poetry for The Light And The Beautiful Dark

Poetry for The Light And The Beautiful Dark

Please enjoy a poem by Margaret Roncone and two poems by Claudia Hollander-Lucas.

Autumn Light

lengthening shadows
discard bright light
store it in a
cupboard for next June

what I notice and
pause to study
are narrators of
a fresh story
unfolding in pebbled gravel
dried grass
and moon’s play on stone.

By Margaret Roncone

Margaret Roncone: I write poetry daily because of a commitment with another island poet and a poet in Seattle. I also write to nourish and save my soul.


hummingbird lingers

summer sets on shorter days

fragrance holds the rose

By Claudia Hollander-Lucas

A comment about these poems:
My creative focus has been concerned with the spaces between things, seasons, mind-sets, and life stages— those liminal markers, like summer fragrance on dried roses and that new wrinkle on the brow.

October 26, 2022

About Author

jane Jane writes about what it means to be an Islander, and how we can nourish healthy community. A bardic harper and storyteller, herbalist, and nature teacher she also shares tales and art that she is sure the Island told her. Having lived with her family on Vashon for 20+ years, she is convinced of the Island's magic.