Llaughing Llamas Chronicles

By Daniel Hooker

I’d like to start off with a story of my grandfather’s visitors, Charles and Anne Lindbergh. My grandfather owned the bank of Nome, Alaska. When the Lindberghs stayed to visit, they did not stay at a hotel. They stayed at my grandparent’s home. I, like my grandfather, have a practical-joke sense of humor, and my grandfather had a musical toilet seat. Anne went to the bathroom, came out a few minutes later, and urged her husband, “Charles, go to the bathroom.” Charles, being a very shy man, said, “Anne, I have no need to go to the bathroom.” Anne insisted, “Charles, you must go to the bathroom.” Charles gave in and went to the bathroom. The door closed and, a moment later, as he lifted the lid, the laughter could be heard throughout the house. The musical toilet seat was playing, “How Dry I Am.”

Q: “What do you call a camel with no humps?”

A: “Humphrey.”

I was trying to think of a joke about carpenters. But nothing wood work.

March 7, 2023

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