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Hello! I would like to introduce myself and why I write. I am your “Footloose Foodie.” My plan is to visit the various businesses that offer food on and around Vashon, sharing my experience here in The Loop. I have no nefarious intent, nor will I write unkindly about my experience. Honesty served with kindness is easier to palate!

I write for transparency in business information with my honest opinion. Yes, my opinion and not that of this publication. Food has been my life since I was 15 years old. My first job was a dishwasher, busboy, and night cleaner of a small restaurant in Seattle. Then, a college degree in hotel restaurant management. Literally, I fell in love with the concept of feeding people. Planning, prepping, cooking, sharing great food and service with and for many different people! Purposefully keeping the business financially solvent and resalable!

I am looking forward to sharing my experience as I indulge in the offerings and services our local businesses offer. Perhaps my personal experience will present information to help residents, tourists and the other folk who live, work, or just visit our Island home, find a meal to their liking.

I look forward to visiting and enjoying a meal and the ambiance offered. I must be out “n” about now, Footloose so to speak! Lol! and enjoy a bit of what this Island has to offer a “Foodie” like myself!

Monday evening on Vashon, the pickins’ are slim. So, I decided on Casa Bonita! Mexican food most never fails. I am not into spicy food that burns away flavor buds before they get a chance to do their job. So I ask how hot the menu item is. Notice I did not ask how spicy. I love spice, just not the burn!

The specials seemed like a good choice. Chicken wings tend to be a bit spicy, but hey this is a “Mexican Food Restaurant,” and I expect some burn in the spices. I opted for the Chili Colorado with refried beans and rice. I was a bit leery, as I have been disappointed in the past. Lack of consistency burns more than a ghost pepper!

A stickler for constancy in menu items is important. Far too many times, I have told friends or visitors to try someplace or order something, only to be told it was less than I said it would be. Disappointed!

Noticing a raise in pricing in the past 4 months, I understood. Being on the purchasing end of restaurant foods, I understand the need to adjust prices. On the same note,  if I ask, I expect the truth! Transparency is another concern of mine.

Thank you Casa Bonita, you did not disappoint! The Chili Colorado was great. The servers were on spot with making me comfortable with my dining experience. 

I am already looking forward to my next foodie adventure! This first article was more an introduction of myself and my purpose-fed direction. Please feel free to write “The Loop” and help this Foodie find fodder!


June 6, 2023

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