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Editor-Owner March Twisdale Departs

It is with sadness, as well as deep appreciation of her many efforts and contributions, that we announce March Twisdale’s departure from The Vashon Loop Editorial team.

Just over a year ago, the idea to relaunch The Vashon Loop sprang forth during a conversation between March, Caitlin, and Jane, while in her garden. Since then, March has been tireless in bringing her best to this publication. She has done much of the literal footwork in gathering advertisers and helping to lead initiatives such as the “Not Uptown Vashon Business Registry” and “Cash On Vashon” projects. Our Substack platform, which enables voluntary financial contribution to The Vashon Loop was her concept, and she established and tended this medium. From columns to articles, March has come up with ideas, found and worked with contributors, and more. March has brought her curiosity, enthusiasm, generosity, intellect, and love of the Island and of Islanders into her work with The Loop.

Please thank March for her essential contributions to this paper as an expression of community voices. We wish her – and Dobby, the Loop’s mascot this past year – the very best in their endeavors. You can continue to enjoy March’s writings and perspectives on her Substack platform, “Our Thoughts Matter,” at https://marchtwisdale.substack.com.

July 10, 2023

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