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“The coffee flavor manifests its characteristics through the land, the elements, and from the hearts of the people all along its way.” – Eva

Within the coffee industry, there are many ways to describe the flavors of coffee. Hints of caramel, chocolate, or wine. Undertones of nuts, figs, or flowers. These fancy descriptors cannot capture the living narrative of all that is coffee. It’s complicated and takes time to get to know the true heart of coffee, and of the people along its way who will ultimately impact its spirit and flavor.

We had one of the best cups of coffee after dinner with friends one evening. It was their interpretation of “cowboy coffee,” without the campfire, stars, or dusty roads, and with no mention of flavor notes. They chose an old pan from the cupboard, ground some of our fresh-roasted beans, and added them to tepid filtered water. Then, when just below the boiling point, they dropped an ice cube into the pan to sink the grounds. Simple. Perfect. Delicious. Few memories can compare to that most wonderful cup of coffee, that day, with friends.

We invite you to experience coffee in the ways that work best for you. We think that YOU are the true experts of the coffee you choose to buy and how you choose to brew it – no matter its descriptors.

Keep things simple – A French press or an AeroPress are two of our favorite gadgets for brewing coffee, and Berkey water filters are a good choice if your water isn’t the best. All are easy to use, make delicious coffee, and pack nicely for traveling or hiking.

July 10, 2023

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