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Minglement for August

The fruit and berry season is in full swing now and making bubbly refreshing shrubs to make it through the hotter days ahead will be a delight. Here is my recipe that I use for most things shrubs, and of course you may have your own twist, too!  It’s easy and the shrub mixture should last about 3 weeks!

Eva’s Shrub Mixture

One-third fruit – slightly macerated

One-third honey – I use raw honey – sugar can be exchanged for honey

One-third apple cider vinegar – I use Bragg’s

Find a mason jar with tight-fitting lid and mark where one-third might be for each ingredient to maintain thirds for each. Shake. Leave in a room out of light and not too warm for 3-4 days, shaking often. When it is ready, strain out the fruit, add the remaining syrup into another mason jar, and put in fridge.

To make the shrub. Use about a tablespoon or more to your liking with approximately 8 of water. I use Gerolsteiner water because of its minerals and for the fizziness it adds to these refreshing waters.

Enjoy – Eva

Editor’s note – Shrubs, also known as vinegar cordials, are non-alcoholic syrups made from concentrated fruit, sugar, vinegar, and sometimes herbs. These sweet and acidic mixers have a unique flavor and can be combined with soda water and/or as part of an alcoholic drink. Shrub-based drinks were popular in the U.S. during the colonial period, and have a history of use going back to the 17th Century. Prior to refrigeration, shrubs were an efficient way to make a versatile syrup that could be stored for year-round use.

August 7, 2023

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