Editorial Page, September 2023

Here We Go Again?

By Andy Valencia

We’ve heard our president announce new funding for new COVID vaccines. Our local media includes a triumphant study of how Vashon did during the pandemic of recent memory. The general tone was that the world can learn from our success. We’re told the COVID storm clouds are gathering.

We look at the damages to our students and other young. To small businesses and vulnerable minority communities. To those who have gained or resumed the ravages of drug addition, alcoholism, and mental health problems. Stimmie checks do not begin to cover what has been wrought.

We have also heard from – and lightly touched upon – those who have had loved ones lost or maimed – or been maimed themselves. They believe this is due to a radical new vaccine technology. You may think they are wrong, or even delusional. They think you are dismissing them too quickly.

Always, there’s the hammering on the gong with the shout of “Emergency!” We haven’t yet recovered from how we responded to COVID, with breathtaking food and energy inflation, and a host of other impacts. Our ferries can’t even maintain their still-truncated schedule.

Our local community has historically pointed to our diversity of viewpoints as a strength. It was important to let someone go their way while you went yours – if you turned out right, you were there to throw them a lifeline. Or you might be surprised – and still grateful – that they were there to help you. In the recent excitement, this dynamic was a little harder to find than it should have been. When next we must have an emergency, let’s avail ourselves of the full range of local strengths.

September 7, 2023

About Author

vandys Andy Valencia is a 20+ year islander, tech guy, father, writer