Fish n’ Chips at Island Queen
Island Voices, November 2023

Fish n’ Chips at Island Queen

By the Footloose Foodie

The “Friendly Foodie” sends greetings! Vashon friends, family, and visitors, I said I would set my feet loose this month and visit a local eatery. Please, reader, remember that I write only of my personal experience. Agree, disagree, or agree to disagree. I have no ill will or nefarious agenda with writing my experience. 

Working over 45 years in various food service businesses, I have come to enjoy certain foods and various ways of cookery. The idea of knowing what you feel like eating is very important. Know what you like and seek it! I had a craving for “Fish n’ Chips.” You know? That desire to consume something you have a hungurin’ for! Being born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, fresh seafood is a true gift from the Salish Sea and connecting deep, cold waters. 

Where to go on Island to fill my craving? I chose “Island Queen.” Knowledge of delivery days of wholesale food drops is an inside secret. This allows me to choose menu items I can bet are fresh. Wednesday is a good day to dine out. 

Reservations not needed nor taken, so I popped in for an early dinner. Great atmosphere. Families with children enjoying an evening dinner out. Reminder! Children can be a presence. So, if you don’t enjoy kids, then this is not the place for you! Fortunate for me, the order line was non-existent. Fish and chips were available. Ordering was excellent, easy, and the teen behind the counter knew his touch screen! 

I laugh remembering my first restaurant job at 15 and one-half years of age. POS was something you called your car when it kept stalling. Not a term for tracking restaurant ordering, inventory, or book-keeping. Then the pager? LOL!

I took a desired seat, with many clean tables to choose from. Manager Michael was kind and on top of the goings on behind the scenes, behind the counter, and up front. Making the experience really inviting. Not paying much mind to the pager, just not used to it, I guess? No worries, as  I was served by a pleasant young one with a smile and, “Anything else i can get you?” Such kindness – yes, kudos all around! 

I ordered the three pieces of fish, as I do love fresh Alaskan wild-caught true cod as a fried fish. French fries proved themselves again, an “IQ” go-to! The coleslaw was not my favorite. Coleslaw has as many varieties as taste desires. This slaw seemed to be a more vinegar-marinated cabbage. 

The meal all and all was great! The service delightful. The price, well. I believe that “IQ” can sharpen their pencils and re-address the pricing structure. Anthony’s at Point Defiance has the same menu item for the same price. Less the “IQ” fries! Though the Ferry ride can be a crap shoot! Their seafood menu is spot on.

All in all, “IQ” thank you! Thank you for providing this Island community a place of good food, for family, friends, and visitor fun. I am giving you a 4 of 5 possible points on the “Friendly Foodie” dining experience scale. Five being damn fine, and 1 being, well, keep up the hard work!

Once again friends, please remember, the opinions of the “Friendly Foodie” are strictly mine. Agree or disagree, and even agree to disagree, it’s all good with me. Please remember to let me know of an eating establishment you would like me to visit. Doing so will get you entered into a drawing for a gift certificate to the place you send me! 

Please put a bug in my ear for my next craving! I am considering a comparison of grocery stores? Anyone interested? If so, enter to win a gift certificate for your favorite grocery!

November 8, 2023

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