Breathe Through Your Nose
Health Matters, March 2024

Breathe Through Your Nose

By Emilia Flor

Spring is the season of Air, so I am focusing on the sacred breath of Life.

Using my breath to reach stillness.
Disconnecting from the external world.
Disconnecting from my mental chatter.
Getting still. Being quiet. Going deep within. And listen, listening.
In the deepest moments of stillness and presence, it’s all there.
Peace, love, safety, and so much more.
We spend our entire lives looking for those things in external matters, only to one day realize, it’s been within the entire time.
Our opportunity is to go on an internal journey to return to wholeness from the inside out.

Breath through your nose!
Nose breathing is 22% more efficient.

  • Working muscles receive more oxygen
  • Your nervous system is balanced
  • It enhances lung function and improves nutrition and oxygen intake.

When we breathe through our nose, we release nitric oxide, which contributes to an anti-inflammatory environment in our bodies.

The nose is one of the first formations an embryo develops in the womb.

When we mouth-breathe, we change the amount of bacteria and the types of bacteria in our system, which can lead to other health issues.

Often, children who are struggling in school and who have allergies and other ailments are mouth-breathers. Complications of mouth breathing are found at every age. One complication, sleep apnea, predisposes someone to a range of diseases, from cardiovascular disease to cancer, and is associated with an 8-10 years’ shorter lifespan. Other contributors to mouth breathing are alcohol, nasal surgeries, deviated septum and other blockages, obesity, and pharmaceutical drugs.

Check to see if you breathe through your nose while sleeping. If you are a mouth breather, you should also check for sleep apnea. Products such as mouth tape or devices to widen the palate can help to encourage more nasal breathing. You can add years to your life expectancy and radically improve your quality of life.

Just sayin’…Breathe through your nose!

March 7, 2024

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