From the Roasterie – April
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From the Roasterie – April

By Eva DeLoach

The beans we cherish most come from older varietals grown in high mountain altitudes, where they thrive without the use of pesticides. Here, the coffee plants are allowed to adapt naturally to their environment, resulting in beans infused with deep, complex flavors. But it’s not just the growing conditions that contribute to the unique taste of our coffee; it’s also the meticulous process of fermentation.

After being handpicked at peak ripeness, the beans undergo a fermentation process. This crucial step, often overlooked in modern coffee production, is essential for developing the beans’ flavor profiles. As they ferment, the sugars in the beans break down, leading to the formation of aromatic compounds that give coffee its characteristic taste and aroma.

Once fermented, the beans are washed and dried in the equatorial sun, a process that further enhances their flavor. Only when fully dried are they separated from their parchment, sorted, and graded for quality. It’s a labor-intensive process that results in a very flavor-filled, high-quality bean that is well worth these extra steps.

April 8, 2024

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