Living Without Allergy Symptoms, How NAET Can Change Your Life
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Living Without Allergy Symptoms, How NAET Can Change Your Life

By Kelsey Perry

Every time you eat ice cream, you experience an upset stomach. On damp days, your joints seem to ache. Your child’s eczema flares up every time you go to the park. Your mom notices she gets an odd sneezing attack whenever she visits your house. These are all allergies—the body’s hypersensitive response to everyday substances. 

Allergies and sensitivities are more common than most people realize, causing digestive disorders, respiratory reactions, and skin responses like hives and rashes. They can be responsible for headaches and migraines, joint pain, and chronic fatigue. Allergies can also contribute to emotional and mental imbalances like depression and anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and even autism. 

NAET®, or Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Techniques, alleviates allergies and intolerances of all types and intensities by restoring balance to the body’s nervous system. This gentle, painless technique blends select Oriental and Western medicine modalities to provide a lasting natural alternative to avoidance diets and allergy medications.  

Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad created NAET in 1983 in Los Angeles as she searched and studied (becoming over the years a registered nurse, chiropractor, kinesiologist, Doctor of Acupuncture, and MD) to restore her own health after suffering from chronic illness since childhood. By integrating relevant techniques from the many fields she studied with her own discoveries, Dr. Nambudripad was able to eliminate most of her own health problems and has brought relief to thousands of patients since.

When first coming for NAET treatments, people may bring lab results identifying antibodies to known allergens. Other times, it’s results from skin prick allergy tests. Often, people simply come with a list of symptoms for which no other avenue has offered relief. 

NAET utilizes neuromuscular sensitivity testing, also known as muscle testing, to then identify substances a person is reactive to. One allergen or nutrient group is treated each visit—the patient holds a vial containing an allergen, then the nerve roots and traditional Chinese medicine energy meridians along the spine are gently stimulated, followed by acupressure on several key points on the body. Following treatment, the allergen is then avoided completely for 25 hours. On the next visit, the allergen is retested to make sure the body has fully processed the treatment. 

During the first few visits, basic nutrients essential for our bodies are treated; these include protein, calcium, B vitamins, and sugars. Then, a broad range of personalized allergens can be addressed. Available treatments can successfully alleviate adverse reactions to eggs, milk, wheat, peanuts, dust, aspirin, shellfish, latex, grass, tree pollen, animal dander, make-up, chemicals, vaccinations, and even pathogens. 

Someone with a mild to moderate amount of allergies may require about 15-20 office visits (each visit targeting a separate allergen or sensitivity) to help reduce the discomfort of symptoms such as headaches, stomach cramps, or mild eczema. 

NAET is gentle, safe, and effective for everyone—newborn babies, pregnant women, seniors, and even pets. (Yes, even our pets can suffer from allergies.) 

As a practitioner, the most rewarding part of what I do is hearing the success stories of my patients! A 31-year-old teacher with a severe corn allergy would feel nauseous any time a student opened a bag of corn chips in her classroom. She had to avoid eating or touching anything made with corn (even certain toothpastes made with sorbitol, a corn derivative), or she would get violently ill. After NAET treatments, she now reports that she can enjoy popcorn multiple times a week without any adverse reaction. 

A two-year-old boy would break out in hives all over his body whenever he ate anything with soy sauce, sesame seeds, or sesame oil in it. After treatments, his family shared they were able to visit their Korean relatives in Los Angeles and their son could now eat their favorite Korean dishes (made with soy and sesame) without any skin reactivity.  

A 58-year-old-man had to take antihistamine medication every year due to seasonal allergies. After treatments for pollens, grasses, and mold, not only did he report that his eyes no longer itched and his congestion cleared up, but he no longer ever needed his allergy medication.   

These are just a few of the many success stories patients have shared with me. Thanks to NAET treatments, others have said they’ve felt their energy return, brain fog has diminished, digestion has improved, menstrual cycles have normalized, and favorite foods are enjoyed again. Some are even able to get a pet dog for the first time after experiencing allergy symptoms to dogs and cats for years.  

NAET isn’t a one-and-done magic fix treatment, but a holistic journey that can offer truly life-changing results. 

Kelsey Perry is one of only six certified practitioners of NAET in the Puget Sound region. She currently sees patients on Vashon out of Fern Cove Natural Medicine on Mondays and Thursdays. Feel free to reach her at 720-289-1761 or

August 28, 2022

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