Freedom Cells
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Freedom Cells

By Blaz Fremont

Sick of the global hybrid war waged against humanity by shiny, smiling suit-puppets spouting identically scripted, caring, altruistic psyop blather designed to weaponize your own altruism and empathy against you? 

Tired of being a terrified experimental pincushion for occult Dark Lords hell-bent on trans-humanizing you into a supine Smart City-dwelling slave-soul enveloped in a genetically hacked graphene body-antennae, unknowingly receiving approved thoughts and feelings from our relentlessly expanding artificial intelligence-managed, electro-magnetic panopticon? 

Frustrated that you have been lied to your whole life about everything, leaving you completely unprepared to face the whirling multi-tentacular techno-tsunami of economic collapse, smirking authoritarianism, and looming war of all against all? 

Well, grab your cup of Minglement joe and stay a while as I reveal the most significant emergence of world-wide communalist action since the Summer of Love. 

Freedom Cells are, “An organized yet decentralized movement of mutual aid groups offering education and skill-sharing, with the mission to promote freedom through self-sufficiency, economic empowerment, and peaceful activism.” The core principles of freedom cells are “localization, decentralization, solutions,“ and to be ”focused, apolitical, [and] nonviolent.”

Cells are local groups of approximately eight people who live together or collaborate from where they live for the purposes of hosting skill-shares, ensuring autonomous food production and storage, setting up encrypted communications (e.g., Session, Status, or Briar apps), establishing independent economies (e.g., time bank labor exchanges or local employment trading systems), and developing alternative currencies and trading methods, all while offering ad hoc mutual aide to members. 

After 20 years of research, psychologist Robert Podolsky (author of “Flourish: An Alternative to Government and Other Hierarchies”) found that humans are optimally creative and innovative in groups of eight, called “Octologues.” Smaller groups tend to lack resources for autonomy, while larger groups tend to calcify into hierarchies and cliques.

According to Derrick Broze, activist and proponent for the Freedom Cell movement, “Cell members organize themselves in a decentralized manner, with no member having authority over other participants. The cells work towards empowering one another and the network as a whole … [via] education, peaceful non-compliance, and the creation of parallel institutions.”

Over time, cells affiliate with other cells, thus expanding organically as needs and interests permit. Eventually, it is hoped that many cells concentrated in a given region would be able to establish alternative institutions to serve the needs of all local cells. The Freedom Cell Network currently has 39,000 members worldwide. 

Political organization within cells echoes the community political norms of the Quakers, and is based on the Socratic Circle Method developed by Gerard Endenburg in the Netherlands in the 1980s. Endenburg merged these ideas into “Sociocracy … a peer governance system based on consent,” in which decision-making is delegated to small groups with a defined aim and full authority in a given domain. Sociocracy avoids the inertia of consensus-based, large-group decision-making that has paralyzed many alternative communities in the past. Instead, Sociocracy delegates responsibility for a given issue to a small group, which must then reach consensus before taking action. Consensus is thus more likely to be achieved, while also avoiding some pitfalls of democracy, such as permanent, voiceless minorities, or dominant hierarchies. 

After everything we have lived through over the last 3 years, do you still trust the fusion of government and corporations (aka, Western crypto-fascism) to serve your interests? Do you still believe the ocean of lies? Come on Vashon, the time to wake up is now! Take your destiny in your own hands. Connect with like minds and hearts who want to be free from the System. Let’s stand up to create the independent lives we want for ourselves and our children. 

June 6, 2023

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