Solar Eclipse – April 8, 2024
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Solar Eclipse – April 8, 2024

By Melanie Farmer

Eclipses are pure astronomical phenomena; those who experience its shadow share this with the world. The events, live-streamed globally, have no political attachment, no violent content, no war., no race, no gender … nothing.

The eclipse is separate from all expectation or meaning, from new-age interpretation, from history. Here’s our chance to be unified as both scientist and mystic. As scientists, we have volumes of past astronomical data. As mystics, we can be in our creative mind, absorbed in awe. Fully present. Divinely joined.

What is an eclipse? An eclipse occurs when three celestial objects come into alignment, blocking one another. In a lunar eclipse, the earth blocks sunlight on the moon, casting a shadow across the lunar surface. In a solar eclipse, the moon blocks sunlight on the earth, casting a dark pattern or tracking shadow.

Astrology of the eclipse. When the sun is blocked, we are in shadow. It can be liberating, annihilating, or both. Since the October 2023 solar eclipse, we have all been engaged in six months of shadow work. The April 2024 solar eclipse can be interpreted through two orientations used in astrology:

In Sidereal astrology, the eclipse is occurring in Pisces and Virgo, pointing towards continued religious fanaticism and cleansing of the other. (Pisces = religion, oceans, mysticism, sensitivity; Virgo = health, hygiene, cleansing, pragmatism.)

In Tropical astrology, the eclipse is occurring in Aries and Libra, pointing towards continued war, conflict, diplomacy, and relational peace. (Aries = war, conflict, urgency, courage; Libra = justice, accommodation, diplomacy, respect.)

In Vedic astrology, a Sidereal system, Rahu, the north node conjunct Chiron is the solar eclipse. Rahu is a chaos agent. Head of a serpent who swallows the sun, he blocks the sun’s light, tricking all. Chiron is the wounded healer, and represents primal wounds.

Additionally, a Jupiter-Uranus conjunction starts on April 20th. This conjunction happens every 14 years. Basically, it’s a collective shift of the unconsciousness and will run with the cascading post-eclipse effects. 

Atmospheric impact of an eclipse. Sudden changes in ionospheric conditions (positive-negative) during an eclipse can lead to ionospheric anomalies, such as holes or plasma depletions. These anomalies can disrupt radio signals and GPS navigation systems. 

Effect of ions on bodily function. The ionosphere is the atmospheric layer that contains a high concentration of ions and free electrons (eg, hydrogen ions). Ions are atoms or molecules with a net electric charge due to the loss or gain of one or more electrons. Ions help to regulate osmotic pressure and the body’s water content; they transmit nerve signals, activate enzymes, contract muscles (including the heart), and help form bones and teeth.

Exposure to positive ion concentrations is considered bad or “heavy.” Sources include cities, crowded places, offices, industrial areas, schools, and cars. Also, settings with fluorescent lighting; toxic carpeting, upholstery, or paint; and/or electronic devices like televisions, phones, and computers. Research suggests that exposure to positive air ions may be associated with feelings of unpleasantness, irritability, and increased anxiety.

Exposure to negative ions is considered good or “light.” Sources include crashing water, sunlight, dense forests (especially pine), mountains, parks, waterfalls, springs, beaches, and outside after heavy rain and storms. Some research shows that exposure to negative air ions is linked to reduced depression, anxiety, and stress, and improved psychological well-being.

It is ironic that people are crowding to areas where the path of the eclipse is darkest, which is exactly where positive ionization will be greatest! Ancient Vedic astrologers did not identify losing electrons due to a solar eclipse. Rather, feeling bad or confused was attributed to Rahu, as he generates mental confusion, chaos, and distorts reality.

Eclipses were also known as “King Killers.” Historically, eclipses have been markers for major changes, both personally and collectively. To protect the monarch, a ritual, dating back to the first millennium BC, was devised: the “substitute-king ritual” or “šar pūhi.” 

In this ritual, “a person would be chosen to replace the king. He would be dressed like the king and placed on the throne … The real king would keep a low profile and avoid being seen. If no additional negative portents were observed, the substitute king was put to death, therefore fulfilling the prophetic reading of the celestial omen while saving the life of the real king.”

Keep an eye on the global “kings” during this cycle. Some will simply fall, while others may be replaced, put to death, or scapegoats may be found.

Melanie Farmer is an artist and goddess horse cult member, archetypal astrologer, and ayurvedic bodyworker. Contact via or

April 8, 2024

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melanie Melanie Farmer is an artist and goddess horse cult member, archetypal astrologer, and ayurvedic bodyworker. Contact via or