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by Eva Deloach

My Foundation, called Traditions, (est. 2003) is a 501(C)(3) that contributes to indigenous communities and individuals at the vanguard of the natural environment.

Indigenous Elders and these communities protect the natural environment. Numbering more than 370 million individuals worldwide, these cultures have not lost their unique understanding of local environments and cosmic mythology. Their community elders are vital resources of ancestral knowledge that comprises oral history, ritual, and land stewardship, as well as medicinal and culinary traditions.

What we think of as beautiful wilderness has long been a tended relationship between a people and a place and the entire ecology. Conservation efforts to protect the wild by forcing indigenous peoples from these places and restricting them from practicing their life ways on these lands disrupts ancestral relationships. The wild suffers, as do the people. It is well worth researching this situation.

I hope that you are inspired to take action and seek the path of your own origin stories – to re-member and find value in becoming an ally to these cultures from all continents as they protect these places of immense diversity and beauty that is linked to the health of The Earth and all her inhabitants currently endangered.

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New offering at The Roasterie


Medium-Dark – Aegean Rustic Roast

Venus, The morning star planet, the brightest star in the pre-dawn sky is worth waking to see. This complex blend has the brightest flavor profile of all our offerings. A blend of Ethiopian, aged Sumatra, and more. May this delicious coffee guide you gently through dawn and into your day.

September 28, 2022

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