Month: November, 2022

Hard History = Powerful Stories

Hard History = Powerful Stories

By March Twisdale Written roughly 100 years ago, Upton Sinclair’s novel, “The Jungle,” captures the breadth of human behavior, both then and now. There is an interesting fact about fictional stories. No matter how far the author’s imagination strays from what is considered real or mundane, the fundamental basis of their work, the world, the…

Intermittent Fasting
Health Matters

Intermittent Fasting

By Kathy Abascal Intermittent fasting has been trendy for some time. On this type of fast, people eat freely for 8 hours and fast the remaining 16 hours of the day. While this fast can be very healthy if done properly, many have implemented it in a way that is not. For example, many skipped…

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Welcome To the Light and the Beautiful Dark

Autumn is here, and like always, it brings big changes to the amount and quality of daylight on the Island. These seasonal transitions can be intense – especially, it is said, for people who live in the forest and on the Westside. The twilight and eventual darkness become a constant companion, with a presence that’s…


Welcoming The Beautiful Dark – Crossword Puzzle

Note: #8 Across and #4 Down are multiple words. The space between the words is one character long. SPOILERS!!!! Answers follow. Are you really ready to look? Okay. Here they are. Across: 1. Candles 3. Cashmere 8. The Vashon Loop 9. Jupiter 12. Ofrenda 15. Copal 16. Soup Down: 2. Luminarias 4. Muck boots 5….

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