Caitlin Rothermel

Lemon Dijon Vinaigrette Carrot Salad

Lemon Dijon Vinaigrette Carrot Salad

This year, I’ve been obsessed with learning to make side dishes that capture the aromatic, vitamin C-infused flavors of summer. I’m talking about the kinds of tastes that just explode in your mouth, that also happen to have great texture, and that you yearn to experience during the autumn and winter.  This grated carrot salad…

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Welcome To the Light and the Beautiful Dark

Autumn is here, and like always, it brings big changes to the amount and quality of daylight on the Island. These seasonal transitions can be intense – especially, it is said, for people who live in the forest and on the Westside. The twilight and eventual darkness become a constant companion, with a presence that’s…


VALISE Gallery Presents What the Hell’s Going on Here?!

Abstractions, Oddball Whimsy, Fallen Arches, Escape Velocity and Colorful Kid’s Book Art Featuring brand spanking new work by Gregory Burnham and Bill Jarcho Bill Jarcho was raised by puppets and was so animated and loopy as a kid that Saturday morning cartoons watched him. Thus began his journey through the land of art and humor. After…

Vashon Loop, Code of Ethics Statement

Vashon Loop, Code of Ethics Statement

Adapted from the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics Journalism is not to be undertaken lightly. Indeed, the mighty power of the pen is first and foremost a responsibility. Words can be both weapon and tool, constructive or destructive, sincerely meant or wielded disingenuously for selfish gain. That is why, as members of the…