Month: December, 2022


School Bond Withdrawal Signals Transformation

On November 15, the Vashon school board voted unanimously to rescind the bond request for $19.5 million slated for 2023. Their decision was somewhat surprising, but in the finest and most refreshing sense, they elected to confront hard realities boiling down to a stew of bad timing.  We should take this decision as a solid…

Loop Upgrade – How You Can Help
Editorial Page

Loop Upgrade – How You Can Help

Since its inception, The Vashon Loop has been two things: free to all and primarily supported by the Vashon business community. We aim to keep the first and change the second, and we are asking for your help to do this. Our reasoning is simple: The past three years have been extremely challenging for small…


Rain Music

The melodies of tree rain are magical from the dull, droning Chinese water torture tunes to the scintillating syncopation of penthouse jazz and back street blues to the jaunty Harlem tap dance  or the trotting gait of a Gaelic hornpipe The rain dances of the great trees are pure, sublime magic

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