Cathlamet Crash, a Few Answers

Cathlamet Crash, a Few Answers

M/V Cathlamet, WSF stock image

8/2/2022 We have requests in to both WSF and NTSB, but the latest news came to us from local media–including the excellent West Seattle Blog–that all crew came back clear on drug tests. The captain–still unnamed–has resigned. Key questions we’ve put in to WSF are the condition of the captain, and the identity of the crew member (if it wasn’t the captain) who finally put the boat in reverse? We’ve learned that KIRO has requested ferry and dock video, and we’ll try and get a copy when it becomes available!

If you have cool photos of the Cathlamet–before or after the crash–send them in if you’d like us to use them!

August 2, 2022

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