The Six Virtues for Saving Humanity
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The Six Virtues for Saving Humanity

By Mark A. Goldman

Truth – Honor – Dignity – Compassion – Courage – Love

Many humans have trouble understanding the deepest meaning of these words, and how important they are to the success of both humanity and their own personal success and happiness.

If you can understand and live the deepest meaning of any one of these words, you will inevitably understand the deepest meaning of the other five as well. In trying to understand and be in alignment with any one of these words, you will soon be confronted and challenged to also understand the others.

You can’t be honorable and not be truthful. You can’t have a deep understanding of what love is if you lack compassion. Can you always maintain your dignity or honor if you lack courage? For any society to be optimally successful, a critical number of its citizens must seek and intend to understand and live in alignment with each of these words. If the nations of the world are to one day live in peace, and the people of those nations are to find meaning and happiness in their lives, a critical number of their citizens must do the same.

I don’t mean to exclude other words. It’s not about words; it’s about the state of being, the state of consciousness wherein you are someone who lives these values. If you live these values, you will also be and live for justice, kindness, integrity, forgiveness, and other “words” that are in alignment with those six.

How can any of us expect to live in freedom without understanding how to be a free and responsible human being? If you don’t love the truth, or honor the truth, or consistently seek the truth and tell the truth? If you don’t have compassion for yourself and others in the process of trying to understand and live the meaning of what you learn, you will probably not be as happy as you otherwise would be, or as free, or as intelligent.

“The Truth” is what a great many of us already think we know and believe in, in the deepest part of our being. When we live in the state of consciousness I’m talking about, we also understand that the truth changes. It changes with the level of our commitment to seek and explore questions that come up when we’re confronted with new information, new experience, and our own imagination and introspection.

The truest and highest level of intelligence requires an understanding of those six words. I believe that if a critical mass of human beings cannot come into alignment with those six words, we will eventually go extinct – or wish we had – and possibly sooner rather than later.

I don’t know if anyone knows the deepest meaning of all those words. It might be a quest that could last a lifetime. But intending to know, and understanding why it’s important to know, is something we can all aspire to do. I think if enough of us do that, we will not go extinct any time soon. Right now, not enough of us are a member of that critical mass, but anyone can intend to be. Just start with any one of those words. Living it might be the most difficult journey you ever contemplated.

No one can force you to do this. But, no one can stop you from doing it, either. Maybe you could be that last person needed to reach the critical mass.


What I didn’t attempt to do above is explain why it is so difficult for people to understand the importance of what I just said. The short answer is that literally hundreds of billions of dollars are spent each year to make sure you will never doubt that money is more important and more valuable than anything similar to what I just shared. Why would so much money be spent for this purpose?

Because if everyone understood that what I just said is true, many who possess great wealth realize that their wealth and power would eventually be diminished, and maybe by a lot. It’s interesting that a significant portion of the wealth being spent for this purpose is also being spent by people who do not have great wealth, but have accepted the propaganda that money and power is really what we all should spend our lives working for. Most of us simply don’t realize that our survival and happiness depend much less on our having more money than it does on our having more truth, honor, dignity, compassion, courage and love.

That’s not to say that having enough money is not important. It’s just that what most of us are really looking for in life will not be achieved by how we are currently living our lives.

Most of us in America, for example, are being addicted and sickened by the food we eat; impoverished by what we spend on health care and injured by what we accept as healthcare; cheated by an educational system that offers no real understanding of how economics or politics really works in this country; and a lot more that greatly diminishes our chance for real success, good health and happiness. There’s lots more sugar and glyphosate (Roundup®) in so much of the foods we buy than most of us realize. Glyphosate is poison1 and the sugar is not food2 and over time, both will make most of humanity sick and shorten our lives.

Germ theory, which most of our doctors still believe in is now known to be obsolete and yet it continues to be taught3. These are two important reasons why Americans live most of their lives more unhealthy and in danger than citizens in most other wealthy countries. The propaganda that our government, media, educational systems and corporations now spend to indoctrinate us into believing what they want us to believe is the greatest threat to our freedom, our happiness, our health and our future4.

If you don’t believe me, I don’t blame you. I’m not asking you to believe me. In fact, you shouldn’t believe me. My purpose here is to let some folks who already know that what I’ve said is true, are not the only ones to think this way; and for others I’m hoping they might at least find what I’ve shared worth researching5 and thinking about, particularly as it relates to current events..

I believe you are a child of God, just like I think I am, and your value as a human being is as great as anyone else’s. And I believe if you would only trust yourself to become the person you really want to be…by simply honoring the truth and trying your best to always tell the truth, while always being open to discover a deeper truth, you can become that person.

The more you tell the truth, the more truth God gives you to tell. It might get you fired from your job, if you have a job, but that’s the chance you might have to take if you ever decide to test the validity of what I just shared.


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February 8, 2023

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