Farm Animals Need Food, Too – Part Two
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Farm Animals Need Food, Too – Part Two

By March Twisdale

I wanted to change the title of this article to “An Island of Exceptional Opportunities!” Ever since I moved here, I have been aware of our Island’s unique wealth when it comes to people power and the opportunities we co-create together. 

Which is why I was impressed, but not so very surprised, to learn that Vashon Island Horse Supply is now offering hay that cannot be found anywhere else … unless you’re a racetrack or zoo. Once again, Gary and Shelley have come through, and our Island animals are enjoying exceptional feed!

“Island response has been tremendous,” Shelley said, as we discussed my miniature horse’s insulin issues, supplements, glyphosate, and Cushing disease. “No one will be carrying this hay. We’re lucky to have it, thanks to Gary’s lifelong connections in the industry.” 

In addition to saving on gasoline, time, and ferry fees, the price for V.I. Horse Supply’s on-Island hay is good! We all know, “you get what you pay for,” and animal feed is no exception to that rule. 

“Prices are sky-high across the region, creating risk for unwary buyers looking for a deal,” Shelley said, reminding me of my own horror story: “Years ago, I went in on a delivery of well-priced hay from an independent seller, only to discover my bales were filled with Canadian Thistle! I couldn’t even use it in my garden!” Shelley nodded. “Never buy hay, sight unseen.”

As is always the case, “every bale is guaranteed” at V.I. Horse Supply. Drop by for a chat, browse their sale items, enjoy some good, old-fashioned country hospitality, and check out the best quality hay this side of the Cascades!

Note: This is the third in a series highlighting Vashon businesses scattered across our island. 

April 7, 2023

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