Jane Valencia

Back on Track – Part 2
December 2023, Island Voices

Back on Track – Part 2

By Jane Valencia This article continues the story of Islander Alice Watkins, who plays on two teams with Rat City Roller Derby, Seattle’s flat track roller derby league. Read part 1 here. Alice isn’t alone in engaging in hefty travel to attend practices and bouts. Players come from all over the greater Seattle area, from…

Island Resilience, November 2023

Corporate Gift Cards? Give Cash!

By Jane Valencia The holiday season approaches, and with it, choosing gifts. If you’re like me, you often send gift cards to your teen and young adult loved ones, so they can purchase just what they want. But if you’ve been reading the “Cash On Vashon” articles these past months (see vashonloop.com), and striving to…

Book Review – Icon: A Novel
Book Review, Children, Literary, November 2023

Book Review – Icon: A Novel

By Jane Valencia On Thursdays, I head across the water to an Eastern Catholic church where I am learning how to write (paint) icons – sacred images in the Orthodox tradition considered to be “windows into heaven.” I also happen to love juvenile and young adult fiction. Imagine my delight when I found “Icon: A…

Health Matters, October 2023

Support Your Immune System

By Jane Valencia Note: Links within the article are to articles and recipes previously published in the Vashon Loop. As we enter Autumn and the flu season, a responsible thing we can do for ourselves, our loved ones, and our community is to ensure that we ourselves are in excellent health. Here are three avenues…

Announcements, October 2023

Clothing Drive at the Food Bank

By Jane Valencia If you stop in at the Food Bank on most Wednesdays, you’ll come upon tables arrayed with clothing, sleeping bags, blankets, and other gear, available for free. Your host is Daniel Hooker, who is not only a humorist, offering jokes as he does here in The Loop pages, but, when asked, sharing…

Editorial Page, September 2023

Now and Then

By Jane Valencia Autumn is in the air, apples are ripening. Kids are back in school, and we resume activity with renewed focus and will. As we anticipate the approach of cold and flu season, nurturing one’s immune health is, as always, a practical path. As one may expect, talk has resurged about COVID. Is…


Una Oración a Nuestra Señora

By Jane Valencia Mis abuelos hablaban español, yo solo aprendí a hablar un poquito, pero ahora estoy tratando de aprenderlo. En honor a mis abuelos, me gustaría contarles una historia muy pequeña y decir una pequeña oración. ¿Les parece bien? Gracias, queridos lectores. Un día, estaba en el Jardín del Rosario en la Iglesia Católica…

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